Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Austin Center for Design


Austin Center for Design

In Austin, Texas, a school is launched to help designers build economically 
viable careers working for social betterment.

By Kaomi Goetz 

t’s a design school at least 15 years in the making, an idea that simmered in the 
back of Jon Kolko’s brain. The interactive designer (an associate creative director 
at Frog Design in Austin, Texas) and one-time Savannah College of Art and Design 
instructor had long wanted to create an environment that could help designers find 
more meaning in their careers. It was a concern of many of Kolko’s former 
students, who were working at what were considered dream jobs, places like
Nike and Starbucks. 

“They’re doing the things that everyone was led to believe one does in design 
school, and now they’re questioning it,” he says. “They feel that they’re adding 
to the consumptive nature of the world.”

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