Monday, May 3, 2010

US+THEM-->From Me To You

In the last Us+Them meeting we had, I think everyone felt like we were hitting many dead ends and had come to a point where no one wanted to be a part of Us+Them. I think what we were interested in was the ideas behind it without all of the logistics. There were great things brought up though, about individuals and groups being able to interpret things on their own.

Well as a member just like everyone else involved in Us+Them, I thought I would act upon an idea keeping in mind that it can be my interpretation of what Us+Them means, based off of some things we discussed.

I decided to do From Me To You, a way of doing an art/design project by mail. It is form making, ideation, and dialogue. I send two screen prints. 1. is something that I think is related to community. 2. this is where the recipient puts an interpretation of what they think might be community related: This one they send back to me. The instructions are brief and are made sure to be clear that it is fun and very much open to what they want to do with it.