Thursday, May 6, 2010

NFB for Minnesota, Experience and Book

This book shows our experience and process with the NFB project. Its not a process book but a book of our journey of learning a great deal of things while being involved with students and staff at the NFB.

The book contains documents in braille that enable you to write your own life manifesto, as well as how to critique artwork and prepare for being an artist in society.

The DVD in the back contains audio recordings of Emily, Alex and I talking about our experiences of the semester long project and relationship building. The other sounds are running audio of the tactile work exhibition and tour of MCAD. The screen prints are gloss acrylic on black paper that not necessarily about what is seen but how it feels different on the page. It is seen in a way that reveals pictures of things along the path of our walks to the National Federation of the Blind, but in a different visual context than showing a picture with colors. The screen prints act as dividers in between the braille documents giving different textures in between braille documents.

This was an amazing project for us. It was a lot of time and effort put into building relationships and re-thinking what graphic design can be in the light of the need or no need of objects and tangible things. It shaped our existing perceptions and gave us new ones we never knew existed.

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  1. chandelier FTW!

    book looks great, i'd love to see it in person!